Corporate Services

We particularly enjoy working with the same people over and over. Usually that means a U.S. business is hiring more than one foreign worker, an international business is moving people around the world, or even a family is sponsoring numerous relatives. We like to build relationships of trust and confidence, and we like to share the benefit of efficiencies that are possible in repeat business. We like to use our web portal and other tools to help keep everyone informed about the status of cases.

If you have a business or family that intends to place work for more than one immigration case, one of our attorneys would like to talk with you about that, obviously without charging you a consultation fee. To reach our attorneys for this purpose, please email one of the attorneys directly using their bio provided through the Immigration Group section of the web site.

Please do not provide confidential information at this time, because we must first check for conflicts of interest.

Consult with us for assistance with a case.