International Connections

Some temporary classifications and permanent opportunities are based only on the international ownership and/or international activity of the business in which the alien will be involved:

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However, aliens associated with multinational businesses having U.S. operations are also eligible for the full range of nonimmigrant classifications available to workers in any U.S. business and workers in specific industries.

How We Can Help

Baker Donelson’s Immigration Group represents scores of international businesses and investors in their business, litigation, employment, and immigration matters. We can help human resource managers and international workers determine the most appropriate and efficient immigration classification for an assignment in light of the many considerations involved, including the type and size of business, the worker’s job duties, the long term interest in the worker’s U.S. assignment, family members’ interest in U.S. employment, etc. We gather only the information needed in the least burdensome manner and prepare petitions and visa applications. We coordinate temporary status with pursuit of permanent residence as may be desired. We handle groups of workers, using the “blanket L-1” program where available, and generate status reports. We guide the international worker in personal concerns about immigration status that inevitably arise when performing international assignments. We guide the business and worker in employment and income tax issues.

Consult with us for assistance with a case.