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Numerous employment-based classifications are not focused on a particular industry and are available to eligible workers in any U.S. business, whether foreign-owned, foreign-affiliated or neither. The only requirements have to do with the qualifications of the alien, the employer’s needs for those qualifications, and certain procedures. These classifications are grouped in this web site into the following categories, each of which includes several visa classifications:

In addition, there are several avenues toward permanent residence that are based on work but are not limited to a particular industry and do not require connection with international business or ownership.

Each has its own unique requirements and procedures that can be reviewed by clicking on the classification of interest, either on this page or in the menu to the left.

How We Can Help.

The Baker Donelson Immigration Group can review the goals and characteristics of the international worker and the U.S. employer to help determine the most advantageous and efficient temporary visa classification to pursue. We inform the clients of the information and documents needed in the least burdensome manner possible, and we prepare and submit the papers necessary to obtain the desired results. We coordinate visa applications and the status of accompanying family members. We coordinate cases of multiple workers for the same employer or sponsor. We strategize for possible permanent residence even as we pursue temporary status. Once the clients are ready (which is sometimes immediately), we prepare papers for permanent residence and manage the sometimes lengthy process to the most expeditious conclusion possible.

Consult with us for assistance with a case.

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