Ways to Work

Many immigration options allow work and depend on work. Some are available to facilitate work for any type of employer in the U.S. Other options are unique for businesses or workers with international connections, and others are for specific industries. They all allow temporary work status but under different rules about eligibility, duration, procedures, and other restrictions. Some temporary options correspond to specific avenues to permanent residence, while others correspond only to the general avenues to permanent residence available to all workers. Click on any of the topics below to explore these options. Be aware that more than one option may be available for the same situation, and the trick is to find and pursue the best one.

How We Can Help.

Baker Donelson’s Immigration Group has knowledge and experience in all these options and processes. We “wrote the book” for other immigration lawyers and keep writing it each year, making sense of the innumerable tweaks and major changes to the rules and processes that Congress and several agencies make constantly. Our attorneys can, with a minimum burden on the time and effort of our busy clients, obtain the necessary information to help decide which is the best option to pursue. Then we quickly gather, create, organize and file the requests in the manner best calculated to accomplish the desired immigration status at each stage, whether temporary visit, several-year assignment, or permanent residence. We are mindful of the individual complications and the important family members of international workers and take care of them. We know that these matters are urgent and important, and we keep the clients informed of the status through letters or emails at each stage and through real-time status reports via the Internet at all times.

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