Temporary Stays

Most people come to the United States, at least initially, on a temporary basis, rather than permanent. Arranging to come temporarily requires some or all of the following steps. Click on the imbedded links to explore each in more detail.

  • Find a classification appropriate for the purposes and characteristics of the “principal alien” and family members;
  • Get an employer or agent to file a preliminary petition to the immigration service (“USCIS”) (for H, L, O, P. or Q classifications only);
  • Gather proof of nonimmigrant intent, where applicable;
  • Determine whether, where and how to apply for a visa;
  • Travel to a U.S. border, port, or airport for inspection;
  • Maintain status by complying with limitations on activities, departing on time or applying for extension or change of status, and avoiding deportability.

How We Can Help

Baker Donelson’s Immigration Group assists foreign nationals and their employers, schools, family members and other friends to accomplish their temporary and long term goals by obtaining and maintaining the necessary visas and status. We know the rules and the processes. We help clients develop a strategy and a system to obtain the desired result most efficiently. We help resolve problems when clients have made mistakes in confusing immigration processes.

Consult with us for assistance with a case.