Permanent Residence

Permanent residence is the ultimate goal of U.S. immigration. It is a status evidenced by the coveted and oft-counterfeited “green card,” which ironically is no longer green. A permanent resident may remain indefinitely in the U.S., work without limitation, and travel in and out of the U.S. without visas anymore. Permanent residence also entitles the holder to sponsor an alien spouse or children for permanent residence, to help alien relatives obtain waivers to avoid removal or obtain admission, to receive certain welfare benefits, to enjoy more constitutional protections, and to seek naturalization to U.S. citizenship after a time.

This site addresses three main concerns about permanent residence:

How We Can Help

Baker Donelson’s Immigration Group helps foreign nationals and their employers figure out and pursue the most efficient path(s) to permanent residence. Some of those paths are fairly elaborate, but our knowledge of the processes, and their constant changes, allow us to obtain a faster result. Sometimes we work on more than one path at a time for the same person and see which one works out first. We help obtain and maintain temporary status and interim work and travel authorization in the meantime. We seek expedited processing where warranted. We help people with problem cases obtain waivers and other relief. We defend permanent residents in removal and other proceedings. We help permanent residents and citizens sponsor their relatives.

Consult with us for assistance with a case.