New Legislation

With the changes in the economy, the national security environment, and the political winds, U.S. immigration law is the subject not only of constant interpretations of existing law through the activity of at least four federal agencies, but also of constant legislative proposals and occasional enactments, which then spur a new round of interpretation by the agencies and courts.

We do not seek to list all pending legislation on this page, because much of it is readily available through other sites. USCIS lists the most recently enacted legislation affecting immigration law. One can also search bill texts and bill summaries for “immigration” or other key words in the Library of Congress’ “Thomas” database to obtain a lengthy interactive listing.

In the absence of federal comprehensive reform, many states have been enacting scores of laws concerning immigration, and the National Council of State Legislatures maintains an active Immigration Policy page summarizing and tracking those bills.

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Baker Donelson’s Public Policy group in its Washington D.C. office is consistently judged by Congressional and White House representatives, other policy makers and other lobbyists to be one of the most influential lobbying organizations in the nation, with a well-balanced bipartisan group of well-respected attorneys and advisors. With Baker Donelson’s unique expertise in immigration law, the firm is in a perfect position to represent clients in the sensible development of U.S. immigration policy. We monitor legislation and provide day-to-day representation before Congress and the Executive Branch. Our reports to clients are targeted at the specific issues in which they have interest.

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