Center for Disease Control

The Public Health Service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has a National Center For Infectious Diseases with a Division of Global Migration and Quarantine that sets the specific standards for medical examinations of aliens by doctors in the U.S. and abroad for immigration purposes. These exams take place routinely in permanent residence processing, and upon request by consular officers and border inspectors who suspect that an alien seeking entry has a dangerous medical condition. PHS’s web site has a helpful page providing links to primary documents about the examination and report standards. USCIS maintains a public database of approved “Civil Surgeons” within the U.S. for adjustment of status applications. Each U.S. consulate maintains a current list of CDC-designated “Panel Physicians” authorized to perform examinations abroad of visa applicants.

How We Can Help

We assist clients in locating an immigration service (“USCIS”)- or consulate- authorized medical examiner for permanent residence processing. In the event of the doctor’s finding of a medical problem potentially giving rise to inadmissibility, we can help confirm conditions for, and help apply for, favorable consideration, release, waiver, and/or approval. We assist clients in every kind of application for visas, entry, permanent residence, and citizenship, and we defend clients against removal from the U.S.

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