About Immigration

Immigration is about the movement of people to the United States, either temporarily or permanently. The “About Immigration” section of this site is all about the types of situations in which people from other countries may obtain, maintain, or defend legal status in the U.S. Eligibility rules and procedures are explained so that the reader can more efficiently work with our Immigration Team in identifying and accomplishing the best solution for your case. We believe that an educated client is likely to be a happier and more successful client.

The “About Immigration” section of the site is organized to allow you to find what you need based on the type of situation you have, not based on the numbers and/or letters that the government may have arbitrarily assigned to the categories that might apply.

Try the category in the top menu that seems to relate to the situation you face, and “drill down” and “surf around” until you find what you need. Or, use the site’s Search function to find pages where key terms appear if you already know them.

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The “About Immigration” section is designed to give you a good understanding of the basics of immigration and some of the options you may have. Some people will be able to use the site and other resources to make some rudimentary filings on their own. Please beware, however, that immigration law is amazingly complicated, and it constantly changes with new statutes from Congress, regulations, procedures, and policy directives from numerous federal agencies, and decisions from judicial and administrative courts. A superficial knowledge of immigration law can be more dangerous to you, your employees, your relatives, or your friends than none at all if you think you can use it to go handle an immigration case with any complexity. This site is no substitute for the knowledge and skill of an experienced immigration lawyer who is keeping up with current developments. Realize also that it is unlawful in most or all U.S. states for a non-lawyer to provide advice in immigration law to others (even concerning which form to use for what process), because of the serious damage a non-lawyer can do.

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